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What To Expect As Gyms Reopen

Are you eager to get out of the house and back into the gym? After the coronavirus pandemic is over, your “normal” gym routine may look a little different.

Although gyms are a space for people to get in shape and better their health, they can also be infested with germs and bacteria. The excess sweat and physical contact that comes between weights and machines causes germs to spread at a higher rate. As gyms begin to reopen, the facilities are making modifications and taking strict actions for the safety and health of their clients.


You may also be asking yourself, ‘do I have to workout with my mask on?’ Many gyms now require masks when entering and walking through the facility. However, if you are socially distanced at your machine you may be able to remove your mask as you exercise. All machines and equipment will be spread 6 feet apart to abide by social distancing standards. Locker and changing rooms will also be rearranged or run differently than normal to ensure safety. Most showers will be closed to avoid the spread of germs, while lockers may be off limits or separated by 6 feet.

Many gyms are also closing halfway through the day to thoroughly sanitize before reopening for the second half of the day. Upon entering the gym, screening measures will most likely be implemented to ensure a healthy body temperature. There will also be extra sanitary wipes as it’s crucial to wipe down your machines before and after every use.

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Group workout classes are still on hold for many local gyms while the pandemic continues. However, most studios that specialize in group classes will limit their capacity and use plexiglass dividers and tape markers to separate individuals in the class. Some of these classes may require masks to be worn at all times.

As gyms and workout facilities repopen, GoodSport encourages you to stay safe and follow all facility and public health guidelines to ensure your safety. Enjoy your workout!

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