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What Happens To Your Body When You Do Get Enough Sleep

Once you start prioritizing your sleep schedule you will notice some amazing effects on your body. Be sure to get in those extra Zzz’s at night and your body will thank you later.

We have talked about the ways sleep deprivation can affect you… so now what happens to your body when you do get enough sleep? You may have heard people say “Sleep is for the weak” but we disagree, ample sleep will make you stronger and here’s how.

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1. A Healthier Heart

When our bodies lay down, our blood pressure also goes down. Sleeping gives our heart and blood vessels a rest after a full day. During this “rest” our heart and blood vessels are able to repair themselves and fight off heart disease. It is important for your heart’s health to get your blood pressure down at night, and your heart will thank you in the long run.

2. Overall Energy Boost

As our eyes close to sleep, our brains get busy processing our emotions. This time is crucial for your body to regulate and understand your emotions. A solid night’s sleep will refresh your mind and get you back on your feet, even after a bad day. Our minds are able to reflect and produce more positive emotions during a night’s sleep, setting you up in the right direction.

3. Athletic Improvement

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Athletes often miss out on sleep due to their busy schedules, but sleep is very important to their performance. Lack of sleep can hinder an athlete’s endurance, energy, and reaction time. But when you do get enough sleep, your body uses that time to repair muscles and increase your motivation and sharpen your memory. After a 7-8 hour night of sleep you will be more than ready to tackle game day head on.


4. Weight Control

Having trouble shedding those few extra pounds? Well it may be due to your lack of sleep! A healthy sleep schedule keeps your hormone levels steady which will reduce cravings and promote you to make healthier habits. The proper amount of sleep at night will also leave you feeling ready to get up and get your body moving for the day.

5. More Alert

Sleep plays a big factor in both our memory and learning capabilities. When our bodies go to rest, our brains are able to transfer and store new memories, as well as clear out any waste. When we get a lack of sleep, our brain’s do not have enough time to “catch up” and store new information. After a good night’s sleep you will wake up feeling more alert, focused, and ready to take in new information.

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