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Psych yourself up! If you’ve been around competitive sports for a while then you’ve probably heard this phrase more than a few times. Athletes need to reinforce themselves to succeed in sports. A few athletes told Elle magazine the words of encouragement they reign down on themselves.

Simone Biles, Olympic gymnast

“My mom always says, ‘Be the best Simone you can be,’ because there is only one me. So when I step on the mat or do anything, I remind myself of that and give 100 percent and nothing less.”

Emily Harrington, 5-time national rock climbing champion

“I rely on a single word: yes. It’s simple, one syllable, and the definition of positivity. I say it to myself while climbing to help me focus and push through sections. I repeat it to myself to clear my head of everything else, get rid of the extra noise, and focus on the present.”

Megan Fairchild, New York City ballet

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“My mantra is a combination of : Don’t compare yourself to others and enjoy the journey. If I can keep a calm mind before I go out on-stage, and enjoy the performance, that’s when I can do my best.”

Lexi DuPont, World Cup skiing contender

“For me, the difference between first and second place comes down to the power of my mind. I practice meditation every morning in order to provide a space where I am able to give myself my full, undivided attention. It helps me appreciate the stillness and remove myself for a moment.”

Tiarah Blanco, 2016 World Surf Games winner

“I always tell myself: Believe in myself with all your heart, and everything happens for a reason. My mom always says how powerful your heart can be as a guide.”

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