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No equipment? No problem! All of the exercises below utilize a park bench, stairs, or a fence. You can also substitute a box, chair, or picnic table if you do not have access to a bench. Before completing these exercises ensure that your surface is stable, the ground is dry, and you are practicing social distancing.


Incline Push-Ups

Work your upper body with incline push-ups using the back of a bench, a fence, or a wall. Place your hands out on your bench or wall with your arms fully extended and shoulders in line. Walk your feet out and keep your body in a straight line. Bend at your elbows, lower your chest and then push back up to the starting position. For added difficulty use a low bench to decrease the angle of your incline.

Decline Plank

This exercise adds some more difficulty to your usual plank hold. Using a bench behind you, get into a plank position with your elbows beneath your shoulders. You can also do this exercise in a push-up hold on your hands. Place your feet up on the bench and ensure that your body is in a flat position. Engage your core muscles and hold for 30 seconds to a minute.

Bench Step Ups

Warm-up those legs and get your blood flowing with bench step-ups. Start by standing facing your bench and place your left foot up on the bench. Pump your arms as you stand up onto your left leg and drive your right knee up towards your chest. Return your right foot back to the ground followed by your left foot and repeat on the other leg.

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Split Squats

Get ready to work those quads! Stand with your bench about 3 feet behind you and bring your left leg behind you, resting your toe on the bench. Place your hands on your hips and squeeze your core for control and stability. Then bend your right knee as your left knee almost touches the ground and drive back up to the starting position. Remember to keep your chest up and repeat the exercise on both legs.

Box Jump

Box Jumps

Using your bench or a set of stairs, these box jumps will definitely get your heart rate up. Standing a little less than a foot away from your platform, bend your knees slightly, and swing your arms as you jump up and explode off the ground. Land both your feet firmly on your platform with a slight bend in the knee, then stand up fully, step back down to the ground and repeat. For added difficulty practice your box jumps on a set of stairs and gradually jump to higher steps.


Your triceps will be burning after a few sets of these bench dips! With your arms extended, grip your hands on a bench behind you and lower yourself down to a seating position. Start with your arms extended and supporting your weight with your knees at a 90 degree angle and your butt slightly in front of the bench. Bend your elbows back, keeping your arms close to your body and lower your butt towards the ground. Once your elbows create a 90 degree angle, push back up to the starting position. If you feel this is too easy you can add weights to your lap for that extra upper body pump.

Wall Sits

This simple yet effective exercise can be done against any vertical wall, beam, or fence. Stand with your back against a wall, walk your feet out slightly in front of you and bend at the knees. Your knees should make a 90 degree angle while your back is flat against the wall. Be sure to keep your hands down at your sides. The longer you hold this wall sit, the more you will feel the burn in your legs!

Glute Bridges

Target your lower body with these killer glute bridges! Begin by laying on the ground about a foot away from your bench or stairs. Your feet should be up on the bench with your knees bent. Lift your butt up off of the ground and drive your hips toward the sky, lower your hips back down to the starting position and repeat again. For a more intense workout you can place a weight across your hips.