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How To Exercise Inside During Pandemic

Being stuck at home doesn't mean you need to be stuck to your couch all day. Here are 10 of our favorite exercises you can do without even leaving your house!

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While everyone shelters at home, gyms are closed and many people are left in a fitness funk. GoodSport is here to kickstart your drive with our favorite ways to exercise inside:

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One of the simplest but most effective ways to engage your core is by holding a plank. When holding a plank you want to squeeze your abdominal muscles and glutes while keeping your shoulders in line with your elbows. Another option are side planks which target your obliques aka the sides of your abdominal muscles. Don’t forget to hold both left and right side planks!

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This bodyweight exercise targets your upper body muscles and engages your core when holding the correct form. Push-ups can be modified to your liking. For starters you can perform pushups on your knees before working your way up to a traditional pushup. Most importantly, focus on your form by keeping your spine and neck in line to target the correct muscles.

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Squats will have your quads and glutes burning in no time. When squatting be sure to keep your chest up and don’t let your knees pass your toes. Squats can be performed as a bodyweight exercise or for a more challenging approach you can hold a weight near your chest. No weights at home? No problem… get creative and use heavy objects such as a brick or a bottle of
laundry detergent.

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Activate your muscles in your legs, glutes, and core with front and back lunges. Lunges not only build muscle, but they also help to improve balance, posture and hip mobility. Side lunges can also be performed by stepping out to either side of your body. When lunging keep a controlled speed and don’t let your knee slam to the floor. And always remember to complete sets on both legs!

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Jumping Jacks

If you are looking for a beneficial form or cardio without having to go out to a track, jumping jacks are the move for you. This exercise requires minimal space, increases blood circulation, regulates your heart rate, and engages your entire body. Jumping jacks also increase your metabolism and overall endurance.

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Another exercise that will leave your abs feeling sore is crunches because they work your core muscles and can be done on any flat surface. As you lift your head and shoulder off the ground you are engaging and tightening your abdominal muscles. Core exercises are also beneficial in helping lower back pains and improving posture.

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Calf Raises

Do you want an exercise you can do while watching TV? Calf raises can be done standing up pretty much anywhere. This simple exercise builds and strengthens calf muscles in your legs. It is also helpful in improving ankle stability and preventing injuries. This easy exercise is sure to leave your legs looking toned.

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Here is one of the more high-intensity exercises from the list. Burpees are both a strength and cardiovascular training exercise. They work almost every muscle group in your body and spike your heart rate. The classic burpee starts in a standing position then drops down to a squat with your hands on the ground and then out to a push-up position before finally returning back up to a standing position. This exercise can be modified to each individual by adding a push up in the middle or doing a straight jump or jump squat between sets.

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Mountain Climbers

This is another exercise that works both strength and cardiovascular training. By starting in a push-up position, you are engaging your core muscles. As you drive each of your knees toward your chest, you work quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Mountain climbers build strength and increase your heart rate through repetitive motions. They also improve coordination and mobility as you quickly switch your feet and hold the proper form.

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Last but not least… Stretch!

After a tiring workout, it is essential to stretch your muscles to increase flexibility and reduce soreness. Stretching lets your body cool down, prevents injuries, and brings your heart rate back to its resting state. Lastly, a good stretch benefits your mental state as well by allowing you to be in tune with your body and reflect on your workout.