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Load management has become a hot topic in the NBA with coaches trying to plan and execute key days off for their star players in order to avoid injury and keep them fresh during an 82-game season.

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There is one company that is trying to discover the best ways to manage the workloads of athletes through technology and research.

Firstbeat Sports specializes in training load analysis in team sports. They created a heart-rate monitor and receiver that tracks an athlete’s heart rate and variability. It can give detailed information about an athlete’s training load, performance readiness, fitness testing, sleep quality, and lifestyle.

According to Firstbeat, their devices are employed by more than 20,000 athletes representing over 1,000 teams around the world.

Firstbeat recently introduced their sports sensor and live app which they say is the most advanced and efficient real-time monitoring experience on the market. According to Firstbeat, the coaching staff can now access key load and intensity data in real-time.

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TVeli Pekka Kuranmar, Director of Sports Performance at Firstbeat, says “This new device makes accessing data easier than ever before, whether on the move during practice or post-analysis,” he said. “It allows teams to focus on optimizing player performance.”

Doug McKenney, Strength and Conditioning Coach of the Buffalo Sabres is a big believer in Firstbeat and their products.

“We use it to determine the frequency, intensity, times, and type of workouts which will produce optimal performance,” McKenney said. “The feedback during and following workouts allows us to educate our coaches and players in many areas,” he said.

Sports technology to improve performance is here to stay and will continue to get more
sophisticated. You can bet nearly every team, professional and college, will make Firstbeat
products a staple of their programs.

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