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Easy Ways To Tell If You’re Working Out Too Much

As the work from home lifestyle becomes the new norm, be sure to stay on your A-game with these healthy habits.

Health experts recommend that the average healthy adult should get at least 150 minutes of exercise every week. However, with an active lifestyle you may find yourself exceeding much more than 150 minutes of exercise a week. While staying active is extremely beneficial to our health, you may be surprised to find out that too much exercise can also be harmful. 


Finding a balance between exercise and rest is crucial for your overall health. After an intense workout your body and muscles need time to recover and heal. Recovery after exercising is essential in repairing muscle tissues and building strength. 

Here are some signs that you may be working out too much:

  • Constant feeling of sore muscles or heavy limbs
  • Decreased performance levels
  • Skipping social events to workout
  • Recurring injuries
  • Losing excessive weight
  • Feeling anxiety if you miss a workout
  • Needing longer periods of rest during your workout
  • Trouble sleeping
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In order to avoid these symptoms and keep a healthy workout regimine, give yourself one to two rest days each week or cut back on certain exercises. 


Here are things you can do to avoid over exercising:

  • Get about eight hours of sleep each night
  • Hydrate your body with enough water throughout the day
  • Avoid exercising in extreme heat or cold
  • Fuel your body with enough calories each day
  • Cut back on your workouts when you are feeling sick or overwhelmed
  • Pre-plan your workouts for the week

The most important thing you can do is listen to your body. If you are feeling out of it, dreading a workout, or your body is too sore, take a much deserved rest day. Remember to prioritize your rest as much as you prioritize your workouts. Your body will thank you in the long run.

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