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Most people believe that in order to achieve optimal performance, you must train harder. However, athletes forget to consider the importance of real rest. It is no secret that recovery is a major factor in athletic performance and overall well-being. Although recovery is a hot topic in fitness magazines, the importance of sleep is often overlooked.

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1. Improved mood
The sun signals to your brain and body to increase the production of serotonin which
boosts mood. Say bye-bye to the winter blues…

2. Reduced stress
The sun also signals to your body to produce less of the stress hormone, cortisol, so you’re more likely to relax sitting poolside.

3. Increased alertness
Do you ever notice how during the winter months you feel sleepy all the time? It’s
because of the lack of sunlight that causes overproduction of melatonin, the hormone
responsible for sleep. So now that the sun is out and about, so are you!

4. Reduced blood pressure
Warmer weather opens blood vessels, easing your heart’s workload.

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5. Improved bone health
Vitamin D, provided by the sun, strengthens your bones, so you can hold off on the glass of milk.

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6. Reduced critical thinking
According to Business Insider, “A number of studies show that as temperatures climb, humans perform more slowly and more inaccurately on cognitive tests.” So when it’s really hot, you’re better off staying inside.

7. Increased difficulty breathing
A rise in temperature can also cause air pollution and air quality to worsen. “The heat from the sun causes pollutants to react with atmospheric gases to form ozone. The hotter it is, the more ozone pollution is produced.” as claimed by Business Insider.

8. Increased allergies
Going hand-in-hand with a rise in temperature is pollen production, which is a result of flowers blooming. During this time, the great outdoors may not be so great.

9. Reduced sleep quality
Health Magazine states that “Most people sleep best when the temperature is at 65 to 66 degrees.” So the temp may be too hot on its own and too cold with the A.C.

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