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15-Minute Workouts From Top Trainers

Do you have the drive to work out, but lack the time to do so? Think again! Fitness gurus share their recommendations for quick 15-minute sweat sessions.

Do you have the drive to work out, but lack the time to do so? Think again! These fitness gurus share their recommendations for quick 15-minute sweat sessions


Slow and Steady: Alo Moves’ Morning Yoga Flow

While most 15-minute workouts aim to get the muscles moving and heart pumping as quickly as possible, light yoga with introspective, purposeful stretching can be just as beneficial to the body’s physical and mental health. InStyle recommends Alo Moves’ Morning Yoga Flow, which you can find on YouTube. Follow along with trainer Caley Alyssa as she moves through stretches, and practices breathing and mindfulness.

Jump to it: Betina Gozo’s Jump Rope Intervals

“Jumping rope is my go-to workout,” Nike Master Trainer Betina Gozo told Men’s Journal. “The rope is so easy to pack wherever you’re going, and you don’t need a ton of space.”

Gozo recommends a two-part, 15-minute workout. Each section should be repeated five times, except for the warm-up.

Section One:

Three minutes – Warm-up with some easy jump roping

One minute  – Intensify the jumps with a faster pace and high knees

30 seconds of rest

Section Two:

30 seconds – Double-unders (jump high enough to swing the rope under twice)

30 seconds of rest

Gym Buddies: Serena Williams and Kevin Hart’s Nike Workout Routine

Want to train like tennis champion Serena Williams? Williams and comedian Kevin Hart teamed up to create a 15-minute partner workout for the Nike Training Club app. The workout consists of 30-second intervals alternating between burpees and partner push ups where partners high five each other after every consecutive push up. Though the workout itself takes 15 minutes, Master Trainor Ben Monk reminded Nike that taking time to stretch before and after a workout is crucial.

Put on the Weight to Send it Packing: Gerren Liles’ EMOM with a Weighted Vest

Gerren Liles, founding trainer for MIRROR and Equinox Master Instructor told Men’s Journal, “Timed workouts create the sense of urgency to perform, along with the assurance of knowing where the finish line is. If I only have 15 minutes, I’ll make sure the exercises target all major muscle groups, or combine strength and conditioning. “

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His every minute on the minute (EMOM) weighted vest workout consists of three continuous rounds of repetitions. Liles suggests using any extra time at the end of each minute for a quick rest. This workout can also be done without the weighted vest.

One minute – 15 Squats

One minute – 5 Pullups and 10 Pushups

One minute – 15 Burpees

One minute – 15 Situps

One minute – 15 Superman Back Extensions

Band Camp: Jen Widerstrom’s Upper Body Band Workout

For those looking for toned and strong arms, check out Jen Widerstrom’s band workout. InStyle posted the Shape magazine fitness director’s Instagram video demonstrating each of the three exercises for this workout, which should be repeated four times. Her Instagram profile also features numerous videos of other exercises.

Exercise One – 30 Pull Aparts

Exercise Two – 15 Front Raise into Rear Delts

Exercise Three – 15 Tempo Strict Press

Rest for two minutes

DIY: Advice from Melissa Boyd

Looking for a combination of these workouts, or something totally different? Melissa Boyd, head trainer at Tempo and National Academy of Sports Medicine-certified trainer, spoke with POPSUGAR about the best types of exercises to do with a short amount of time.

“Compound exercises will help you build muscular strength while working your heart and lungs,” Boyd said.

Compound exercises, exercises that affect large muscle groups, include squats, deadlifts, tricep dips, and pushups. Boyd recommends picking five compound exercises for a 15-minute workout, performing each move for one minute and repeating the circuit three times. To create a unique and quick workout, here is Coach Mag’s list with sample compound exercises.

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