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Looking for destinations to enjoy spring weather while exercising? Hiking is one of the many workouts that includes cardio while increasing leg muscle. Take a trip throughout the United States and enjoy these spectacular views. The following spring hike destinations are in no specific order.

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Upper Yosemite Falls – Yosemite National Park, California

Be on the lookout for the Colombia Rock on this 7.2-mile hike that offers a view of Yosemite Valley, Half Dome, and Sentinel Rock.

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Waihee Ridge Trail – Maui, Hawaii

A 5-mile climb that ascends 1,500 feet. As you experience the hike, enjoy the views of water cascading off Makamaka’ole Falls. 

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Maroon Lake Scenic Trail – Aspen, Colorado

Come to Maroon Lake Scenic Trail and leave having seen Colorado’s most photographed landscape. Stop by in late-spring and encounter beautiful, blooming wildflowers on your hike.

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Cascade Mountain – Keene, New York

This is one of the forty-six Adirondack High Peaks and is known to be the easiest to scale. Do you consider yourself as a beginner at hiking? Cascade Mountain might be a good place to start. A 4.2-mile hike with green scenery, that’ll leave you breathless.

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Angels Landing – Zion National Park, Utah

Begin your hike by scaling cliffs and reaching the best views of Utah. If you’re a fan of red rocks, Angels Landing is the spot for you.

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Jacks River Trail – Epworth, Georgia

This 16.2-mile-long hike leaves the hikers breathless. The lush green scenery and winding rivers are stunning.

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Neahkahnie Mountain – Arch Cape, Oregon

Interested in seeing the Oregon coast? Enjoy this 7.6-mile hike at Neahkahnie Mountain where you must climb 1,700 feet.

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Honey Creek Loop – Oneida, Tennessee

Recommended for expert hikers only, Honey Creek Loop is the most challenging trail in the area of Tennessee. During your hike, you will encounter an enclosed pool, a view of a waterfall, and an array of unique rock formations. Honey Creek Loop offers a five-and-a-half-mile hike. Warning: it might take you an hour to get through one mile.

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Tall Trees Grove – Redwood National Park, California

Known for having the tallest trees on earth, Tall Trees Grove is an 8-mile hike. Be sure to arrive at Redwood National Park early because for preservation reasons, park officials only allow a limited number of cars daily.

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Hemmed-In-Hollow Falls – Buffalo National River, Arkansas

Standing at 204 feet tall, it is one of the largest cascades in the Midwest. Hike 3.8 miles to reach the falls and tackle inclined cardio on the way to a breathtaking sight.