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What Is Hair Love?

Different types of hair need different kinds of love. Hair styles often define an athlete’s image and project a sense of fashion.

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Have you heard of the short film, “Hair Love?”  This animated picture won an Oscar. “Hair Love follows the story of a single father learning how to style his daughter’s hair.  Although it’s hard at first, he realizes that with a little bit of work and a lot of love, he can perfect her style.

“Hair Love” was written and directed by Matthew Cherry, a former NFL player.  In honor of this great film, here are some athletes whose hair we love.

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Megan Rapinoe

Megan Rapinoe is one of a kind. Her vibrant personality and gorgeous hairstyle caught the attention and hearts of Americans during the 2019 World Cup.

Throughout the years, Rapinoe has rocked a lot of different hair colors: dark brown, blonde, pink and purple.

During the 2019 World Cup, Rapinoe’s fabulous pink hair was one-of-a-kind.  Her hair stylist, Riawna Capri, created a brand-new hair color she calls “Rapinkoe.”

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Serena Williams

Serena Williams has rocked a lot of different hairstyles on the court in her career.

One thing is clear, whether Williams’ wears her hair in a bun, with beaded braids or curly, she kills it.

While competing her hair goes through the ringer, but in order to keep it beautiful, she makes her own hair oils and uses co-wash and other natural products for her hair.

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Gabby Douglas

Douglas became the first African American woman in Olympic history to win the Gymnastics individual all-around event in 2012.

While her talent was highlighted on the world’s biggest stage, people criticized Douglas’ hair for being in a bun.

In response, Douglas said, “I just made history and people are focused on my hair? It can be bald or short, it doesn’t matter about (my) hair.”

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Courtney Williams

Courtney Williams loves playing for the Connecticut Sun and rocking her natural hair.

Williams used to have long hair, but that changed while she was playing basketball in Australia.

Williams was tired of doing her hair herself and didn’t want anyone to do it for her, so she decided to cut it off.

After chopping her hair and taking out her weave, Williams said her style took a traditionally masculine presentation, truly representing her swag.

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Ramla Ali

Ramla Ali is a boxer and an advocate for natural hair.

Ali was the first Muslim woman to win a boxing title for the United Kingdom.

Ali’s hair is very important to her. She notes that in her Islamic faith, hair is considered a woman’s beauty.

She has learned to embrace her curly hair and has become an inspiration to many. Ali even became an ambassador for the hair care brand, Pantene.

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Shanice van de Sanden

Shanice van de Sanden’s hair is so iconic that fans have even created a twitter account to keep up.

The Dutch soccer player’s ever-changing hairstyle keeps fans on their toes.  She even competed in the 2019 World Cup with leopard print hair.

In addition to leopard print, Sanden has had blonde, pink and even teal hairstyles.

Photo Credit: Instagram