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By Emma Grace Trenchard

The moment the idea of losing my 2020 season became a reality occurred on Thursday, March 12, 2020. As my teammates and I huddled around each other in the parking lot of our facility, we were fearful of what the future held for us, especially as we began to hear of other leagues around the country shutting down their seasons. Our coaches
approached us and contributed powerful words, initially reassuring us that there was no new information that they could share with us.


We proceeded to have one of the most memorable practices that I have ever had at UNC. We were all scared of losing our season and we played and competed incredibly hard while also enjoying our teammates. I remember taking a step back during this practice and getting emotional as I started to realize that this might be the last time our 2020 team would be together on a lacrosse field. That practice really captured the essence of what UNC Lacrosse is, which made it even harder to abruptly stop doing something that makes me so happy with the teammates I love.

Later the same day, my team met in the locker room and received the official word that our season had been canceled. There was not a dry eye in the room as our coaches, athletic trainers, members of the athletic department, and teammates cried as it became a reality that our season was being ripped out from beneath us.

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UNC Lacrosse

The dream of another ACC Championship and NCAA Championship title was suddenly nonexistent, and it seemed unimaginable to us all. Initially, the concern was for the seniors, who poured their hearts into this program for four full years and were chasing their last chance at a national championship. For them, it was certainly the most heartbreaking. Fortunately, we received word a few days later that the NCAA was granting spring athletes an extra year of eligibility. Although some of our seniors will not be able to return due to other commitments, the majority will. For me, a junior, it was a relief to know that I will get two more chances to win it all.

Although we are devastated at the unexpected end to our season, we are hopeful and eager for the future. The hours we logged during the summer and fall do not seem like a waste at this moment. The brutal run tests, intense practices, and early morning workouts still feel as though they had a purpose, even though it wasn’t necessarily how we imagined it would play out.

Our mindset is that the 2020 season will hopefully resume next fall, and although this journey has been postponed, it will not stop us from chasing our dream of winning another national championship.

Photo Credits: Emma Grace Trenchard, Twitter