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Erica Suter is a soccer skills training and conditioning coach in Maryland. Once an All-American player at Johns Hopkins, she has been working with young athletes for more than eight years, focusing not only on their development as players, but character as well. Here are some of her tips for improving on and off the soccer field.


Write down and repeat your strengths daily.

It’s paramount female athletes remind themselves of the gems glowing inside of them every single day. You’ll birth a new sense of beaming empowerment even through your darkest, most frail times.

Choose one role model and act like them.

Which woman athlete inspires you? From her message to the way she acts, behaves
and treats others – you should watch what they do and try to be like her relentlessly.

It’s OK to say no to partying with the ‘cool’ crowd.

If you value playing in college, becoming a better athlete and living a healthy life, then
your actions need to be aligned with these values in order for them to come to fruition.

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You don’t need to be perfect.

To grow we must get watered down by the rain. In order to shine, we must face the darkness. Life isn’t perfect. It’s full of contrast—good, bad, hot, cold ugly, beautiful, light, dark – that if you fight it for the sake of perfection, you’re fighting the natural order of life.

You don’t have to be relentless in your pursuit of perfection.

Enjoy the journey.

Remember that athletic development is a journey. There will be many ups and downs but they are all part of the growing process.

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