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These Sports Marketers Are Making A Difference During The Pandemic

You usually see these icon brands flash across your screen during live sport. During this unprecedented time, they are using their resources for good.

As the entire world is experiencing an unprecedented shut down, the sports industry is also taking a big hit. All live sporting events have been put on pause but some major sports marketers are redefining what it means to be a good sport. Thanks to these brands for making a difference.



Adidas is working to keep people safe and connected through their virtual #HomeTeam campaign. Adidas athletes came together with at home videos sharing their creative quarantine activities and workouts. Whether they are doing puzzles, watching old sports clips, or squatting their children it is nice to know that we are all in this together.

On, it says, “Together is how we’ll get through this, so join in with the #hometeam to take part in a series of virtual events to help keep you creative, fit and having fun.” Adidas also announced that they will be temporarily closing select stores to keep our communities safe.

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Anheuser-Busch is stepping up during the absence of live sporting events to support the front liners fighting against Covid-19. Anhuser-Busch brewing company is the largest sponsor for live sports and entertainment in the U.S. On March 25th, they announced in a press release that they will redirect all sports and entertainment investments to their non-profit partners to support Covid-19 relief efforts.

Anhuser-Busch has also partnered with American Red Cross to host blood drives at select arenas and stadiums nationwide. Additionally, they will be manufacturing hand sanitizer for the Red Cross centers and emergency shelters. Budweiser also released a commercial called “One Team” showing their support and partnership with the Red Cross. The commercial concludes by saying, “This season, we’re all One Team.”



As our world is adapting to working and schooling from home, AT&T is doing their part to keep students connected with ease. AT&T has created a $10 million fund to support distance learning tools and connections. They understand that schooling from home comes with a price, so they have contributed to online learning organizations and made donations to small businesses.

They also have a “Keeping Americans Connected Pledge” which ensures continued service through May 13th for those who are unable to pay their bills due to the pandemic. They will also be waiving any late payment fees and postpaid over charges on plans. AT&T will also be keeping all public Wi-Fi spots open and available to the public.

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Buffalo Wild Wings

When the NCAA announced the cancelation of all basketball championships, Buffalo Wild Wings quickly had to change their original marketing campaign idea that was based around March Madness. They shifted their focus to work during this time of social distancing. Buffalo Wild Wings decided to celebrate their dedicated sports fans as they got creative and brought aspects of sports into their own homes. Buffalo Wild Wings launched the video campaign called “Sports Live On” showing short clips of how people are staying active at home. They are continuing to share feel-good videos of fans turning their homes into fields and courts and participating in push up and toilet paper challenges using the hashtag #SportsLiveOn.



GymShark is an online only store for fitness and workout apparel. They recently changed their social media platform names to Homeshark. On March 27th @Gymshark tweeted: “we changed our name to homeshark, cause some of you needed reminding to stay home.” “Homeshark” is reminding their customers to stay safe by staying home. GymShark is implementing relatable humor into their social media posts to lighten up everyone’s moods during these unpredictable times. Many frequent gym go-ers have been adjusting to working out at home, and on April 2nd @Gymshark tweeted: “remember going to the gym giving a half effort and being like at least I went. now we go into a different room and be like at least we moved.”

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Nike is another brand that is encouraging social distancing and quarantining through their social media platforms. Nike also announced that they will be temporarily closing their stores to ensure the health and safety of their athletes and customers. They are encouraging everyone to stay active indoors by offering free workout and training programs through their NikeTraining Club app. On March 21st, Nike posted a photo message saying, “If you ever dreamed of playing for millions around the world, now is your chance. Play inside, Play for the world.” The caption goes on to say, “Now more than ever, we are one team. #playinside #playfortheworld”


Procter & Gamble

P&G is also “stepping up as a force for good” in response to Covid-19. They are working diligently and safely to maintain production and distribution of their essential products such as Charmin toilet paper, Bounty, Febreeze, and Tide. P&G has also contributed over $15 million in product donations to communities around the world. Through their donations P&G is hoping to provide relief to families who can not afford or access everyday essential items such as cleaning, health, and hygiene supplies. As the demand for masks and hand sanitizer has skyrocketed, P&G has increased their manufacturing and production. They are expanding their capacity and production on hand sanitizers and masks to increase supplies and support hospitals and medical professionals in need.



Reebok also announced that they will be temporarily closing their stores of the safety of their customers, employees, and the greater community. They are also providing at-home workouts and wellness tips to “harness the power of fitness to keep us strong, both physically and emotionally,” stated in a message on their social media. Reebok started a virtual campaign #PermissionToPause, reminding people to take a step back and relax for a moment during these tough times. They shared a video compiled of at home footage from athletes and employees and how they are spending their time at home. As Reebok is encouraging at home activity and wellness, they are also reminding customers to prioritize their mental health as well with #PermissionToPause.

Photo Credit: Google Reuse, Unsplash