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As a Harvard educated woman with 12 years of experience working with the NFL, Johanna Faries is now the leader of an entire franchise. Faries is the new commissioner of a new Esports league called the “Call of Duty League,” and the first and only female commissioner in the history of gaming.

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“I felt like it was a great opportunity to get on board with Esports in a real entrepreneurial way,” she told ESPN Esports. “But also be able to have a lot of background to make a difference quickly just because of what I was a part of at the NFL.”

Faries, who worked in business development at the NFL, has big plans for the league.

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“If you’re going to design an Esports league and put Call of Duty in front of its name, this thing has to be ambitious and on par with everything else that comes under that brand,” Faries said in an interview with Fortune.


Faries said she doesn’t have time to focus on the impact of being the first female commissioner of an Esports league; there is too much on her plate and goals to accomplish with the Call of Duty League.

“I don’t think any of us got into this game for a quick buck, if you will,” Faries says. “That’s not what this enterprise is asking—this is a sports league of the future.”

Photo Credit: Pexels, Youtube, Twitter