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Before talking about how to place a prop bet, let’s take a moment to discuss what a prop bet is and how they differ from the standard sports bet. With a traditional bet, you bet on the game’s outcome, whether you are picking a winner (via the money line or point spread) or the over/under on the scoring total.

But with prop bets (also referred to as proposition bets), you are not picking a winner or betting on the game’s outcome in any way. Instead, you will be betting on a team or individual’s performance in regard to a single game or event. The wager is more about production than the score.

Prop bets can be based on team performance (e.g. total number of rushing yards for the Dallas Cowboys), individual athlete performance (e.g. number of rushing yards for Ezekiel Elliott) even whether a certain event occurs (e.g. will a safety be scored in this game). The Super Bowl has the widest array of prop bets for a single sporting event.


Also, it is not uncommon to see books post odds on who will score first in a game, or the total number of touchdowns the two quarterbacks will account for.

Sportsbooks will also post prop bets on things unrelated to the game, but usually just for major events like the Super Bowl.

As for how to place a prop bet, it depends on the kind of prop bet you want to bet on. Some, like the color of Gatorade poured on the winning coach after the Super Bowl, are just for fun. There really is not much strategy you could employ.

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But others, like the duration of the national anthem and ones involving the players, you need to do some homework first. Find out if the artist performing the anthem has done so before and how long it typically is. If most of the offensive line is injured, you may not want to take the over on Ezekiel Elliot’s yardage total—especially if he is going against one of the better run defenses in the league.

So, first—pick a game that you want to bet on and see what prop bets are offered. Then do your homework on the game and player(s) involved.


It would be a good idea to do a little line shopping, too. Sportsbooks will often boost the odds for various prop bets for certain games. If you are going to bet, you might as well win more money rather than less, right?

Once you have locked in on a particular prop bet, the process is simple:

  • If you already have an account, log in. If you do not, register for an account (and do not forget to enter the promo code for the welcome bonus).
  • Make a deposit (if you need to).
  • Navigate through the site and find the market you want to bet on.
  • Click on the bet you wish to make. A betting slip will pop up.
  • Enter how much you want to bet in the appropriate box.
  • Review your slip and then click on ‘place bet’ when you are ready.

If all goes well, you can sit back and watch the money roll in!

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