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How To Keep Up Healthy Habits While Working From Home

As the work from home lifestyle becomes the new norm, be sure to stay on your A-game with these healthy habits.

Working from may sound like a treat but after a while you may find yourself falling into unhealthy habits that affect your productivity. Due to the global pandemic, many people are adjusting to the work from home lifestyle for the first time. Here are some healthy habits to help you develop and keep up a healthy and productive work from home routine.


Stick To A Routine

When you no longer have to go into the office you may be dreaming of working without having to leave the comfort of your bed… but that’s where things go wrong! Sticking to a “normal” work routine will help your days feel purposeful and keep you motivated throughout the day. Set your alarm, take a shower, and get dressed for the work day ahead of you!

Schedule Breaks For Yourself

Sitting in front of your computer all day can be harmful to your eyes, body, and overall focus. Take a few minutes out of each hour to stand up, move around, stretch out, and take your eyes off the screen. Make sure to also give yourself an adequate lunch break where you can step away from your home office and enjoy a healthful meal. It is important to experience a change of scenery throughout the day to keep your mind stimulated and active.

Use A Dedicated Work Space

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Your cozy bed may be calling your name, but it is crucial to utilize a dedicated work space when working from home. Setting up in a new location will put you into that “work mode” mindset and increase your productivity. You can personalize your space with calming background music, scented candles, natural light, and inspirational quotes to help you set the mood. Lastly, investing in a proper desk and chair will improve your posture and alleviate any neck or back pains.


Write Out To-Do Lists

Organizing your daily tasks and goals in a to-do list will set you up for success. Writing out and seeing your tasks on paper will keep you organized and motivated to complete each task. To-do lists also help you prioritize your tasks and make everything feel much more manageable. Additionally, you can plan out your long term work schedule on a monthly calendar.

Prep Your Meals

In order to stay focused and work to your best potential, you must fuel your brain with healthy foods. Prepping your meals the night before will keep you on track and help you eat a more balanced diet. When your meals are pre-packed you will not resort to eating fast food or binge eating. Eating a balance of vegetables, protein, and carbs will also give you added energy to stay alert throughout the work day. 

Photo Credit: Pixabay