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Triathlete Doctor Saves A Life

Dr. Tricia DeLaMora, a pediatrician, has spent her entire career helping others but one of her most important medical moments came unexpectedly during a grueling triathlon.

Dr. Tricia DeLaMora has spent her entire career helping others but one of her most important medical moments came unexpectedly during a triathlon. DeLaMora was competing in a grueling Ironman triathlon in Santa Rosa, California and it was right in the middle of the 112-mile bike portion of the race when she came upon a competitor in distress.

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“He wasn’t breathing. There were some other people around him trying to comfort him. I gave him CPR until first responders arrived.”

Once paramedics arrived on the scene, DeLaMora resumed the brutal race, but couldn’t stop thinking about the man and the life she tried to save.

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“Every time I saw an official on the road I was asking if they had heard anything about the man who collapsed on the course. It wasn’t until I got off the bike and started the 26-mile run that I learned about his condition. They said he was breathing and in the hospital already, which was a big relief.”

DeLaMora, whose medical practice is in New York City, had a big smile on her face that propelled her as she ran the final leg, a marathon in 95-degree heat, to finish the mega endurance event, which she did.

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Several weeks later, officials from the Kona Ironman in Hawaii, which is the most legendary of all Triathlons, paid a surprise visit to DeLaMora at her office while she was attending to her patients. The officials offered her a coveted spot in the race as a way to show their appreciation for her heroic quick thinking. DeLaMora accepted. However, she only had three weeks to prepare for it.

“That didn’t matter, it was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. I was going. I was totally shocked and just couldn’t believe it.”

Tricia DeLaMora completed the race in Hawaii, capping a whirlwind couple of months and enough memories for lifetime. Somewhere, there is a man who will never ever forget the woman who got off her bike in the middle of a race to save his life.

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