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Arm wrestling is not the only competition that features a body part. Toe wrestling has taken its place in the landscape of sports where only the strong survive. Strong toes always travel.


No, I’m serious. Toe wrestling is a sport that is popular in Europe. It was invented by four drinkers in Wetton, Staffordshire. They were disappointed the United Kingdom never had any world champions to speak of, and this was their shot.

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The rules are pretty straightforward. Contestants must compete in their bare feet. Socks are forbidden. Players must use their toes and each player’s foot should be touching flat on the other person’s foot. A pin happens when there is a trap or capture of three seconds. It’s best two of three rounds and the rounds are played with alternating feet. Right, first. Left, second. And if necessary, right.

Alan “Nasty” Nash is the Babe Ruth of toe wrestling. He’s a 17-time world champion and became a full-blown celebrity after appearing on the Jay Leno Show in 1997.

Photo Credit: Twitter