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Contracting a rare neurological disease along with the amputation of a limb would send many people on a downward spiral in life. Allysa Seely refused to let that happen.


The Colorado native overcame the tremendous obstacles in her path to becoming a Paralympic gold medalist in the triathlon.

“That athlete in me never went away,” Seely said in an interview with Team USA. “I wasn’t ready to give up.”

Seely was a nationally ranked triathlete before life threw her a few big curve balls, but she dug in and belted a few of them out of the park. She established herself as one of the most dominant para-triathletes in the world, winning a gold medal in the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio.

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“We all have adversity and face challenges every day. Some are bigger than others,” she told USA Triathlon. “The key for me was being proactive and setting goals and working to achieve those goals.”


Seely, who had her left leg amputated below the knee, was named to the board of directors for USA Triathlon in 2019. Nothing has come easy for her but through it all, she knows she controls her mindset.

“I make a choice to find happiness in every experience. I make choices to find the best in every moment,” she said in an interview with Beating Limitations. “At the end of the day why not be happy and grateful? My life has been imperfectly perfect.”

Photo Credit: Google Reuse, Instagram