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This Basketball Icon Turned Broadcaster Continues To Inspire

Hall Of Famer Rebecca Lobo is a guiding light for girls and women who want to chase their dreams in sports.

Rebecca Lobo found her passion early in life and used it as fuel to become a basketball legend. The former UConn All-American was introduced to the sport at the age of five and worked at it relentlessly until she achieved all her goals and dreams. The ESPN broadcaster and mom of four encourages young athletes to find something they can be passionate about, no matter how long it may take.


“If you love it, just keep doing it. You never know what doors can open in your world or what things are going to happen to you because you were willing to pursue your passion. So just do what you love to do.”

Doors weren’t opened to girls who wanted to play sports at a competitive level when Lobo was growing up. Undeterred, she busted through them with a burning desire to be the best, eventually creating a path for young girls to follow. She discovered early on in sports that if you really want something, one must go
after it.

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“Sports teaches so many valuable things. It teaches you how to push yourself physically beyond your limits to achieve the highest-level of success in whatever you’re doing. It also teaches you how to work as a team and have leadership skills.”

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Lobo, who was inducted into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame in 2017 knows there will always be people who cast doubt. The former WNBA superstar encourages young athletes to stay the course and believe in themselves.

“Even if someone tells you can’t or you shouldn’t, or there’s this reason or that reason that you shouldn’t devote time to doing something. Don’t listen. Just keep working hard and stay committed to what you’re doing.”

Great advice from a basketball legend who made the most of her opportunities in sports and in life.

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