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Stacy Lewis’ act of generosity was extraordinary. Her contribution to the Hurricane Harvey efforts in 2017 went above and beyond. Lewis, an American LPGA golfer who was once number one in the world, grew up in Houston since age 11. She wanted to do all she could to support the place she calls home. After Harvey hit, she participated in The Cambia Portland Classic and she had extra motivation to win. Before the event, Lewis announced she’d donate her earnings from the tournament to the Houston recovery efforts. And then she won it!

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Lewis’ victory didn’t come easy, but it was meant to be. On the final day, Lewis started out with a three shot lead, but In Gee Chun didn’t back down and Lewis had only a one-shot lead while walking up the final 18th hole. Lewis claimed victory and was greeted with a hug by her husband who had surprised her after the winning putt.

“When I said that I had the goal of winning the tournament, you’ve got to get a lot of things right, to go your way. Just what we’re going to be able to do, we’re going to be able to help people rebuild houses and get their homes back. That’s more important than anything.” She stated in Golfworld.

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“This week changed my perspective on things a lot. You kind of get caught up in trying to win golf tournaments. Trying to win was the last thing I was thinking about — I was thinking about that check,” Lewis told CNN.

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When Lewis walked off of the 18th hole victoriously, she didn’t know that her sponsor, KPMG, planned to match whatever amount she won. Lewis won $195,000, so in total, $390,000 was donated. Her generosity was infectious, and after the tournament, another one of Lewis’ sponsors, Marathon Petroleum, informed her that it would be adding one million to her donation!

This was the first time Lewis had won an LPGA event since the Walmart Northwest Arkansas Championship in 2014. She was playing for more than just a win. This was a victory for the people of Houston as the hurricane caused catastrophic flooding and many deaths. We commend you, Stacy.

Photo Credits: Twitter