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Bobsled: Women’s monobob

Though similar to bobsledding, the monobob event has one main difference: there’s only one person. This individual is responsible for pushing, leaping, and driving. At these games, every competitor in this sport will be a woman.


Freestyle skiing: Mixed team aerials

There will be 13 events in freestyle skiing at the 2022 Winter Olympics. One of them is mixed team aerials, which is a type of freestyle skiing where competitors launch themselves straight up to do twice as many flips and twists. It takes more of a trampoline/gymnastics/diving style jump than other areas of freestyle skiing. This will be the first year the Olympics hosts a mixed division of this event. 


Freestyle skiing: Men’s and women’s big air

Big air does exactly what it says. Skiers and snowboarders will launch themselves skyward from a steeply banked ramp and complete as many twists and tricks as they can in a dynamic whirl of skis/boards, snow, and limbs. The Olympics have had this event for snowboarding since 2018, but this is the first year skiing will be included.

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Short-track speed skating: Mixed team relay

In this form of speed skating, competitors race against each other instead of the clock. Racing in groups of four to eight contestants, skaters compete on an indoor track the size of a hockey rink with a lap length of 364 feet. This year, the mixed team relay will debut. Each team will consist of two women and two men to cover 18 laps. Each skater will skate twice following this order: woman-woman-man-man-woman-woman-man-man.


Ski jumping: Mixed team event

In this event, competitors aim to achieve the furthest jump after sliding down a specially curved ramp. Jump length is the main factor in the score, but the aerial style also affects the final score. This is the first year there will be a mixed event, as there are already individual competitions for both men and women. Those who qualify for the individual event are eligible to enter a team in this event and each team will consist of four competitors — two women and two men.


Snowboarding: Mixed team snowboard cross

Snowboard cross is also known as boardercross. In this event, four to six competitors race down a course. The courses have turns, jumps, and steep and flat sections. Men’s and women’s individual events have been in the Olympics since 1998, but this is the first year there will be a mixed event. There will be a max of 16 teams with two competitors — one woman and one man.

Photo credits: Shutterstock, Olympics