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Move United and GoodSport

Move United, formerly known as Disabled Sports USA and a proud partner of GoodSport, is the leader when it comes to creating athletic opportunities for kids and adults with disabilities.

Move United has a reach of more than 100,000 people in 200 communities in the United States, offering more than 50 sports to its athletes, which include wounded veterans and those injured in tragic accidents.

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“We believe that sport has the unique power to bring people together and to push them beyond what is possible, redefining their ability” said Glenn Merry, Move United Executive Director.

Move United recently teamed up with the NFL to launch the USA Wheelchair Football League, which consists of four teams across country in cities like Los Angeles, Phoenix, Kansas City and Chicago.

GoodSport covered a wheelchair rugby tournament for Move United in Connecticut and had the opportunity to get an up close and personal look at how the game impacted the players.

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“I love the camaraderie and intensity of wheelchair rugby,” said Lynn Simoneau, who was tragically paralyzed from the waist down while undergoing surgery on her back. “And you can’t be afraid to hit or get hit. I love it.”

move united wheelchair rugby

Wheelchair rugby is just one of the many sports those with disabilities can participate in. Move United also tries to make sure it keeps pace with technological improvements in the industry by hosting the annual “Adapt2Achieve”conference, which includes seminars with equipment companies and experts.

“To be around all these great people who are here to provide all these opportunities for these individuals who experience sport as a way to improve their quality of life is really amazing,” said Ann Kit Carpenetti of USA Lacrosse.

And every year, Move United gives out four national awards recognizing people and organizations who have made important and lasting contributions to the development and advancement of adaptive sports across the country.

Photo Credit: Move United