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Meet The Hall Of Famer Who Broke Race Barriers In Two Sports

She's a legend in field hockey and lacrosse who now helps young African-American athletes as co-founder of the Black Women in Sport Foundation.

Wilma Rudolph and Althea Gibson sit atop almost everyone’s list of racial trailblazers in women’s sports. While lesser-known, Tina Sloan Green has had a huge impact as both a pioneer athlete and through the work of her Black Women in Sport Foundation. Green, who grew up outside of Philadelphia, was the first African-American to play for the U.S women’s national field hockey team. She was also the first women’s lacrosse coach at Temple University.

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“I would not be in my position if I had not played field hockey and lacrosse.”

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Today, Sloan Green is the president and co-founder of the Black Women in Sport Foundation whose mission is to increase opportunities for African-American girls from the playing room to the boardroom. She says her organization has to be out front leading African-American girls today.

“It’s the intergenerational approach. There needs to be more exposure and more opportunities. Opportunity is very important.”

Sloan Green’s parents opened the door to education and playing sports. She considers their role crucial to success in sports and life.

“Parenting is very important. And it’s not just about sports, but just being there for kids when
they need them.”

Tina Sloan Green started her athletic journey by breaking into two of the least diverse sports in America. Her wonderful organization draws from her experience and wisdom to provide opportunities for an entire generation of African-American athletes today.

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