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For Katie Sowers, who overcame tremendous obstacles to become an assistant coach in the NFL with the San Francisco 49ers, a big part of life is about one small thing: attitude.

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“There is only one thing we can control in our life and that’s our attitude,” said Sowers during a livestream on Yahoo Sports called, #WekeepPlaying. “It’s the only thing we carry with us, so we create our own narrative.”

Sowers was determined to write her own story and made sure the world heard about when she was coaching an 8th grade football team.

“I wrote on my Instagram page: Dear NFL, I’m coming for you.” This was when she was coaching a bunch of kids for absolutely no money. “I always knew I was going to get here,” she said. “I had the belief and confidence in myself.”

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Sowers, who has a Masters degree in kinesiology from Central Missouri, hooked on with the Atlanta Falcons as an intern in 2016 before being hired by the San Francisco 49ers as a full-time offensive assistant coach in 2019. She made history when she became the first female to be on a coaching staff for a Super Bowl.

Photo Credit: Google Reuse, Instagram

Photo Credit: Google Reuse, Instagram

“It was one of those surreal moments where there were flashbacks to everything I had hoped and worked so hard for.”

Sowers became an inspiration to many young girls around the country who want to coach in the NFL someday.

“The more we allow people to be themselves, the more success we find as a community,” she said. “You can love something and regardless of what society says is normal, you can be successful at it.”