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Former Sun Devils Player Stars On Front Line In Battle Against COVID-19

Michelle Tom returned home to help a community in its battle against the deadly pandemic.

The late Glen Frey and the Eagles immortalized Winslow, Arizona in the hit song, “Take It Easy.” Today, Dr. Michelle Tom is making a name for herself in the small town as she is helping those infected with COVID-19.


“I see healthy people, young people who have lost their battle with the Covid-19, something that I have not seen in my training, and nor have my colleges,” she told “This is real, This is taking lives of people who should have lived decades longer.”

More than a decade ago, Tom was the running point for the Arizona State women’s basketball team. A tough and tenacious player, Tom learned the benefits of teamwork playing for the Sun Devils and the value of caring for others while growing up in Winslow

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“It just comes from the way we are brought up as Navajo peoples,” she “Our belief system revolves around balance and healing and giving back to your elders and community. You, as an individual, never come first. What comes first is your family and the community.”

The community of 17,000 has been hit hard by COVID-19 and it’s caused a significant strain on the hospital where Tom works. They are trying their best to manage the situation. Tom pleads for everyone around the country to follow COVID-19 protocols.

“The more people stay home and are mindful and not sharing this disease is the only way I think numbers are going to come down,” she told “It’s all spread by people. And if we stop spreading it, it goes away. So don’t go anywhere you don’t need to.”

Photo Credit: Facebook