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Football Needs More Girls Like Riley

Middle schooler Riley Orovitz is a quarterback for her flag football team. She loves football, math, and stats and hopes to be a sports broadcaster one day.

Middle schooler, Riley Orovitz, is a quarterback for the girl’s flag football team. She loves the game, memorizing stats and grew up a big fan of the Miami Dolphins. She thinks that every town should have a girl’s flag football team. Riley hopes to be a sports broadcaster one day, but for now, she’s enjoying her team and math class. We sat down with Riley and asked her some questions about her love for football.

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Tell me about your team and being a quarterback? Is that your favorite position?

I play on my middle school girls’ flag football team; it has 7th and 8th graders on it. Last year I tried out for the team but not specifically for QB and I didn’t make it. This year, I tried out for QB and I got it even though I had never played the position before. Quarterback is definitely my favorite position because I like throwing and you have to know what decisions to make. I always thought I’d rather be a receiver, but not anymore.

How did you become interested in football?

My family has had Miami Dolphins tickets since the team began and I’ve been going to games since I was five with my mother and grandfather. Ever since then, I’ve been obsessed with the game in general.

What is it about the game that you love?

That it’s fun to play, as well as watch. There’s thinking involved but you still enjoy it. You’re pretty lucky that you have a girl’s flag team. A lot of towns don’t have that option.

What do you think about that?

I think that every school or town should have a girl’s flag team. They should because there’s a ton of girls who love to play football just the same as boys do!

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Is it ever a big deal that you are a girl and you love football?

I would say that some people are surprised to see how involved I am. But I’m proud because I like to impress people no matter if it’s stats or if I’m throwing.

We hear you know quite a lot about the game – current draft picks, stats, etc. Are people surprised at your knowledge?

They’re surprised about how much I know. I don’t even study the stats. I just seem to remember them no matter if it’s from records of teams or passer-ratings. I can remember them all.

That’s awesome that you want to go into sports broadcasting. What do you think you can do to become one?

I’m taking journalism and TV production next year when I start high school. I have a friend who is going to get me the opportunity to broadcast with him at some of the games.

Who are your heroes of the game— players and/or coaches– and of broadcasting? We hear you met Dan Marino, Cynthia Freelund, and Katie Sower’s sister, Liz? What was that like?

Heroes? I look up to Dan Marino and everything he’s done and, of course, Don Shula, too. I also love watching the Seahawks and I look up to Russel Wilson – he’s my favorite QB. He can do anything!

I admire everything that Cynthia Freelund has done and I watch her all the time on the NFL Network. Math is my favorite subject so I think that’s why I love all the statistics. I even got a picture with her at the Super Bowl Experience. Also at the experience, Liz Sowers gave me pointers at the hail Mary drill. That was really cool.

The game of football needs more girls like you. Any ideas of how they can get more girls interested?

They could open it up more by introducing it to more middle and high schools. Maybe schools should have a sports day where kids can see what’s available and how it works.

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Google Reuse