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Detroit Tigers Executive Shows How To Be Taken Seriously As A High Ranking Woman In Sports

Ellen Hill Zeringue used persistence and hard work to land a big job with the Detroit Tigers, and she hopes to set an example for young girls.

Ellen Hill Zeringue is the vice president of marketing for the Detroit Tigers and is the only African-American woman to hold that title in the history of the franchise. As one of the few women in the organization who are part of high-level meetings, she realizes the importance of information and preparation. 


“You really have to understand the game, whether it’s baseball, basketball or football, because they’re expecting women not to know,” she “You can bridge that gap at the conference room table if you have a good understanding of the sport. It can help people take you more seriously as a woman.”

Zeringue is in her 11th year as the vice-president of marketing and 20th overall with the Tigers. She hopes that she can open the doors for other women in the industry.

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“I am grateful that I have worked hard to get to where I am today, and I am honored to use my current status to broaden the playing field to bring more women and people of color to Major League Baseball,” she told Essence magazine.

Zeringue’s role and strategies have evolved over the years. She knows that she must adapt and change with the times if the Tigers’ off-the-field team is to be successful.

“Before, it would have been a radio campaign, a print ad,” Zeringue said in an interview with Crain’s Detroit Business. “Now, the list of assets we have to develop is extensive. What is going to be on Facebook, on Twitter, in an email blast, on radio, on You’ve got to be able to create content to serve each of these different platforms. It’s social media, more and more, and the issue of creating content to connect to millennials and Generation Z.”

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