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Coco Gauff’s #GirlDad

Behind every great female tennis player is a great dad. Coco Gauff has one in her father Corey.

A new movement was started when ESPN anchor Elle Duncan relayed a story about the late Kobe Bryant and his love for his daughters. “I would have five daughters if I could,” he once told Duncan. Bryant died tragically along with his beloved daughter, Gianna, this year in a helicopter crash. Thus, #GirlDad was born and momentum followed. From that moment on, many dads were celebrated for their relationships with their daughters.


There are #GirlDads, and then there is Corey Guaff. He is the father of 15-year-old tennis sensation, Coco Gauff, who lit the tennis world on fire last year with her performances at Wimbledon and the U.S. Open. Corey is also Coco’s coach. He has been the main factor in his daughter’s rise to stardom on the tennis circuit.

“My dad, he’s the reason why I dream so big,” Coco told The Telegraph.

Corey Gauff played basketball at Georgia State and has guided Coco through tough times with sage advice and the calmness needed in the pressure cooker of professional tennis.

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Here is some advice that Corey shared with The Daily Mail, that he has given to his daughter during pivotal moments of her career.

“Just relax. We’re not going to spring to the finish line. We’re going to walk to the finish line, OK? Take your mind to another place, take yourself to a practice match, just play. Don’t think about negatives, just think about positives.”

Corey and Coco have a wonderful father-daughter, coach-player relationship. They are serious most of the time, but they have their moments on-court where things get a little light. At the Auckland Open last year, television microphones picked up Corey saying, “Damn.” Daughter quickly corrected dad by saying, “You can’t curse like that,” while holding back a laugh.

This #GirlDad can’t get anything past his daughter.

Photo Credit: Google Reuse