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Claressa Shields describes herself as the “greatest woman of all time.” Shields, who was nicknamed “T-Rex” due to her lanky and unusually short arms when she was younger, is one of only seven boxers in history, female or male, to hold all four major world titles simultaneously. Her moniker represents her tenacity and an unrelenting drive to conquer any obstacle in front of her.

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Shields grew up in economically challenged Flint, Michigan, where she had no shortage of hardships. Her father went to prison when she was two and she has openly discussed the sexual abuse she suffered at the hands of her mother’s numerous boyfriends. Inspired by her father’s career as an amateur boxer, she took up the sport as a young girl. Despite all they had been through, she wanted to do something to make him proud. She fought to earn many titles within the boxing community, including three world championship titles.

Shields’ goals were never small and she keeps making history, which she calls “herstory.” Her most biggest goal was to be the first American woman to win a gold medal in boxing. She did it twice becoming the only boxer in history who has won back to back gold medals in the Olympics. In January of 2020, she secured her latest piece of boxing history, winning the WBO and WBC junior middleweight world titles, making her the quickest boxer ever to be crowned a three-division world champion.

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Photo Credit: Instagram

Photo Credit: Instagram

Shields, whose hero is Serena Williams, is inspiring girls and wants to give them a “little bit of hope,” because she says she didn’t have that when she was young.

“I just want to be a better fighter, that’s all. I want to grow women’s boxing. I want us to have equal pay, equal opportunity.”

Claressa’s exceptional story of turning her obstacles into gold caught the attention of Hollywood and can be seen in the award-winning film about her life, T-Rex: Her Fight for Gold. GoodSport will follow Claressa’s incredible journey as she continues to make “her story.”