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Brazil’s National Soccer Team Is The First To Grant Equal Pay To Female Players

Brazil’s Women’s National Soccer team was recently given equal pay to their male counterparts. What does this mean for soccer in the rest of the world?

Brazil’s Women’s National Soccer Team has been known on the national stage to be one of the most talented teams to play against. They are tough competition to whoever meets them on the pitch.

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In September of 2020, these women were granted equal pay to their male counterparts.  They are the first country to do this in the history of soccer. They are starting the trend for women’s teams around the globe to continue their campaigns for equality.

Their statement was issued by the President of Brazil’s Football Club, Rogério Caboclo. It says that “Women will receive the same daily rate as those who already receive them. The women’s team that wins or progresses through the stages at next year’s Olympic Games will receive the same as the men.”

Brazil is the first to guarantee equal pay, but Australia, Norway and New Zealand are the next closest to achieving the same goal. 

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What does Brazil’s equal pay guarantee mean for the rest of the world? Only one thing, that it’s time for the rest of the world to catch up and pay the athletes that represent them equally. Especially if the women outperform their male counterparts.


Everyone is aware of the wage gap between the United States Women’s National Team and the Men’s National Team. Those women are still fighting for equality. The women’s movement is not losing traction, even if you have stopped seeing it in mainstream news. 

It should be a no brainer that these women qualify for equal pay. They’ve won countless World Cups, Olympic Gold Medals, exhibition games and friendly matches. Winning doesn’t always sign the checks, but it definitely helps to build legitimacy. We all know that the USWNT can play. 

But, with the emergence of equal pay for Brazil’s soccer team, we could be seeing the argument come back. Because someone has already guaranteed it, there is pressure on the rest of the world to do better for their female athletes. There is pressure to have these conversations and give the players, the coaches, and the public the answers they deserve. 

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