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You may be asking yourself “what the heck is plogging?” Plogging is an exciting new sport that involves jogging and picking up trash as you run. This way, you get a work out in while saving the planet – one piece of trash at a time!

Originating from Stockholm, Sweden, founder Erik Ahlström, an avid skier and trail runner, coined the term (originally plogga, as it is still known in other parts of the world). It’s a combination of “jogging” and “plocka upp,” which is Swedish for “pick up.”

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Plogga is a group that encourages runners to go the extra mile (figuratively, that is) by picking up litter along their route. Ahlström’s team of ploggers “pull on their disposable gloves, grab a bin bag, and scan the streets for litter along their route. Once the bag is full, it’s deposited in an appropriate recycle bin, cutting down on the amount of plastic making its way to the ocean.”

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The earliest ploggers may have been runners, hikers, and cyclists but you don’t need to be an elite athlete to take part: anyone can plog! Ahlström feels it’s his job to do right by the planet because “no one is hired to pick up.”

Check out the hashtags #plogging and #plogga below…

So crush your health goals with a little bit of sweat and a lot of trash! According to Buzzfeed News, “it could even burn 15% to 30% more calories than traditional running.” A great idea would be to include lunges and squats when picking up items to diversify muscle activation. Ahlström said that plogging may amplify the endorphin-fueled euphoria runners’ experience — popularly known as the “runner’s high.”

By now you must be convinced because not only can you drop a couple of pounds but pick up some trash! Check out the Twitter account Plogging UK for more information on events near you. Happy plogging!

Photo Credit: Google Reuse