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About Us

At GoodSport, we believe that a shared passion for sports is one of the strongest connection points in society. Our mission is to raise the visibility of women and girls in sports. We are dedicated to sharing positive stories that shine light on worthy role models while encouraging athletic participation at every level.  


Paul Bremer, Founder

I am a dad, coach, and entrepreneur who is an outdoor enthusiast. Challenging traditional thinking at every turn. I agree wholeheartedly with Nelson Mandela that “sport has the power to change the world.”


Stacey Vollman Warwick, Strategy


I am a mom, coach, business executive. Soccer player/now golfer, Boston born and bred, longtime women’s sports advocate. Favorite Sports Moment: Attending the Women’s 1999 World Cup Soccer final in Los Angeles.



Emilee White, Editorial & Content Manager

As a lover of all things sports, I am a huge advocate for women and girls in sports. Born and raised in a small town in Southern California, I’m always up for a new adventure.


Izzy Zakia, Partnerships & Marketing

unnamed (3)

Born and raised in Queens, I am a loyal New York sports fan. Obsessed with sports biz, passionate about diversity and equity, and a true believer in the power sport has to bring people together.