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In the crowded field of specialized performance centers, Relentless Athletics has managed to stand out. The Pennsylvania-based facility is geared toward young girls and women looking for that extra edge.

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“Most females don’t get exposed to this training until it’s far too late in their athletic careers,” said Emily Pappas, owner and head coach of Relentless Athletics. “We’re here for the athletes as well as to educate their parents and coaches on strength training as being a necessity for any athlete.”

Pappas and every member of the Relentless Athletics head coaching staff has a master’s degree in a scientific field relating to sports physiology, sports nutrition, or sports rehabilitation.

One of the unique aspects of Relentless Athletics is they can customize workout programs for athletes around the country. They don’t need to be in the facility to utilize the expertise of the coaching staff. The reviews have been outstanding.

“What I really love about Relentless is they have devoted time to make a plan that is very specific to my daily routine and nutrition needs. Every question I have is responded to not only with an answer, but the scientific reasoning behind it as well,” said Katie Huff of Greenbriar, Arkansas.

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Pappas and the staff at Relentless Athletics try to make sure the parents are informed with the specifics of every workout their daughters complete. This care and attention separates Relentless Athletics from other athletic training facilities.

“This is the absolute BEST training facility for female athletes,” said Joe Szukics of Philadelphia. “My daughter Macy, who plays field hockey, has never felt more comfortable at any other fitness facility than Emily and her staff has made her feel at Relentless. Macy is experiencing fantastic gains as well.”

The programs at Relentless Athletics are not of the one size fits all variety. Every athlete has one that is tailored toward their needs and specific sport.

“Sports is stressful, but playing sports is not enough to prepare your body for the stresses of that sport,” Pappas said. “We need to improve their physical capacity and the only way to do that is through strength training specifically.”

Photo Credit: Unsplash, Instagram