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10. David Ledecky and Katie Ledecky: American swimmer and 7 time Olympic gold medalist Katie Ledecky is the daughter of Harvard and Yale graduate, David Ledecky who took a leave from his day job as a lawyer to join his daughter's coaching team.

9. Dell Curry and Sydel Curry: The Curry family has athleticism built into their DNA. The only daughter of Dell Curry, father to NBA stars Stephen and Seth Curry, is Sydel Curry. The 27 year old Sydel played for Elon University’s women’s volleyball team as a setter until she retired due to game related injuries.


8. Harrison Wilson III and Anna Wilson: At a young age Anna Wilson began playing basketball, and her father Harrison Wilson, a once dual-sport collegiate athlete at Dartmouth, was arguably her first coach. Anna currently plays as a guard for Stanford’s women’s basketball, and enjoys a good game of football, like her NFL brother Russell Wilson.

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7. Dan Ionescu and Sabrina Ionescu: Proud father Dan Ionescu believed in his daughter before the world knew her name. Sabrina Ionescu was the first WNBA draft pick of 2020 and her father sincerely touted her “The Best”, as quoted in a viral Twitter thread. Now playing guard for New York Liberty, Sabrina broke NCAA records for most rebounds and assists, and triple-doubles.

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6. Dwayne Johnson and Simone Johnson: Simone Johnson, aka Ava Raine, follows in her father’s footsteps as a WWE competitor and joins four generations of Johnson wrestlers. Determined to make a name and career for herself, Ava Raine chose a WWE name apart from her father’s famous title as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, who is known to jump into the ring to coach his daughter.


5. Jong Jin Kim and Chloe Kim: Another dad who quit his day-job to support his daughter is Jong Jin Kim. The former engineer was determined to continue pushing his daughter Chloe Kim to secure an Olympic gold medal in snowboarding- and she did. Chloe Kim was the youngest female snowboarder to take home the gold in the 2018 Winter Olympics. And who can forget her father’s marker-on-poster board “Go Chloe! <3” sign.


4. Dwayne Wade and Zaya Wade: Dwayne Wade supports his 15-year old trans-daughter Zaya Wade with love and compassion. Though Zaya is still too young to choose a career, she enjoys swimming and is a public influencer for fashion and the LGBTQ+ community. Her brother, Zaire, plays for the Utah Jazz. Both siblings support each other and continue to pave their own paths as children of celebrity parents.

3. Corey Gauff and Coco Gauff: The pro tennis player, Coco Gauff, is the daughter of athlete parents- her father a former basketball player at Georgia State. Coco was the youngest player to qualify for Wimbledon and her father’s contributions to that title can’t be overlooked. He took notes from another famous #GirlDad coach to set-up Coco for the win on the court, also quitting his job to coach his daughter.


2 & 1. Richard Willams and Venus & Serena Williams: Finally, Richard Williams, the inspiration behind the film, “King Richard”, holds the number 1 and 2 spots as the #GirlDad to his daughters Venus and Serena Williams. From an early age, the sisters knew their father as their first tennis coach, and enjoyed their time playing together as a family. Serena and Venus will forever be remembered for their Grand Slam titles, the way they doubled up to dominate on the court, and their father who trained them to make history.